The Santorus division of the group focuses on opulent interiors and lifestyle products. This brand is synonymous with flamboyance, flair and eccentricity. Developed by two generations of the Santoro family, siblings Tara and Fabian carry forth this indulgent brand into the next generation with its exuberant collections of wallpapers, furnishings, sleepwear and accessories.

Their unusual mix of Italian-Indian culture combines an appreciation of expert craftsmanship and historic grandeur with a twist of exotic vibrancy, a nudge of London attitude and a wink of surrealist humour. Not easily missed, the Santorus brand takes high fashion and subverts it with its unapologetic vivacity, never shying away from extravagance and making a statement.  


Project clients include corporations such as Bloomingdales, Ritz Carlton and Pfizer.

Luxury Interiors