Santoro Ltd. is committed to sustainable production practices for all of its paper card products. All of our 3D cards are manufactured in a way which maximises the recycling of both material and energy at every stage.



The wood that makes up every Santoro 3D card product is sourced from an 'active forest'. Whenever one of the trees which makes up our cards is felled and processed, it is replaced with three new seedlings, maintaining a fully curated forest. By actively managing the forests from which wood is extracted, the impact of raw product harvesting is minimised.



In order to produce the high-quality paperboard used in all of our 3D cards, raw material (wood) must be dissolved in vats to free cellulose fibres which are then carefully rinsed, bleached and moulded into a final product.

However, only 50% of the wood is comprised of cellulose, the other half is mainly binding agents such as lignin. After the dissolving process, the lignin that remains in the solution is burned to produce thermal/ electric bioenergy which is fed back into the mill itself, powering its operation and reducing the need for fossil fuels.



With new investments, it is hoped that our paperboard will soon be manufactured with 0 fossil-fuel emissions throughout the entire production process.