Step through the looking glass where ‘Cheshire Cat,’ ‘Curiosity’ and ‘Just One Second’ join their Wonderland friends. With a classic feel and air of mystery, this collection of figurines and stationery is sure to leave you with a Cheshire Cat grin! Come and explore the world of Gorjuss! Featuring stripy-socked girls in a range of heartfelt situations, our Gorjuss collection has something for everyone with our exceptional range of beautiful products.  


Need a bag for your daily adventures? You've come to the right place! These whimiscal bags are perfect for weekend getaways and running daily errands. All of our bags are fitted with multiple compartments to keep your belongings safe!


Our wide selection of stationery comes in a range of sophisticated colours and designs! Whether you enjoying collaging, crafting or creative writing, these Gorjuss stationery products are for you.

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