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Gorjuss (80)
Mirabelle (20)
Poppi Loves (15)
Kori Kumi (21)
Sloths & Toucans (6)
Flamingos and Hummingbirds (7)
Fruity Scooty (7)
Owls (2)
Felines (10)


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This journal is of such a great quality. The leather bound journal is made of durable material and would be splashproof inside someone's bag. The pages are a mixture of lined, boxed and plain paper. There are a handful of wide card slots in the front which are great for storing odd bits of paper. There is also a pocket underneath these slots to store more goodies. There is a plastic pocket at the back in which you can add more small tokens to. Each paper section has a gorgeous print of the brand's popular characters. The paper and prints are of such a fine quality. My package arrived looking gift wrapped in labeled tissue paper and stickers. Would certainly recommend this to anyone who loves to keep track of things on the go. Would be great for any office or for personal projects.



Santoro London Notebooks. From lockable journals and pocket notebooks to jotters and organisers, we stock a wide variety of shapes and sizes featuring the popular artworks of Gorjuss, Poppi Loves, Mirabelle and much more!