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WestieMom Kim

I have been admiring numerous wallet - clutch accessory pieces but must say I am very disappointed that there are not multiple views of many items, including opened interior pictures of the wallet/bag. Most women want and need these details. I suspect I'm among many who prefer a much deeper/wider wallet that will accommodate more bulk than just currency and ccards. This print (or the previous) in the Befin wristlet, with both wrist and shoulder strap, would be an instant "buy" for me and many other women I do believe. Please make it! So it would be remarkably useful, helpful and likely generate more sales if they (art dept?) would update and add multiple images of each accessory item, its angles and the three dimensions of these wallets and bags. Both prints are wonderfully cute and playful, just like the breed... but the previous print was a real winner! That now discontinued, repeating pattern of smaller profile-mixed colored Scottie (Westie) dogs was ADORABLE. In my opinion is TIMELESS!! Hard to believe it wasn't a screaming hit with all the fans of these breeds throughout the entire world! -- please bring it back, someday!! I can only hope this gets read and acted upon by people at SANTORO !

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