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Norma Tabora

absolutely beautiful, just what I expect it. the detail work on the wallet is gorgeous. Fits my Id and credit cards perfect


material is durable, fits passport and has inside cute pocket. definitely recommend

Nat B

An absolutely beautiful and functional product. The Gorjuss artwork, shape of the flask and stainless steel material were automatic draw-ins. I used this while I studied at an employment opportunities program. It stood on my desk, pretty as can be, and I was able to serve myself hot tea in the cap that doubles as a teacup right there as I worked. It is truly a novelty flask that piques interest. It can fit in any bag and is easy to clean with a bottle scrubber or a vinegar and water solution. Silly me however, at first found the push mechanism that goes on the spout tricky to figure out (I was younger then, had this for years now). You have to push the button in the center to "open" it (make the tea pourable) and be sure to push it back down to seal it so that your tea doesn't leak and spill everywhere. Back then it would leak and leak but then I figured it out. The spout components (a plastic button circumvented by a plastic ring) do say "close" and "open" on them, the button being the "open" part. It could be that this is an English model, something I have not come across then or since in the US. :) Keep it upright in any case. I only wish that the paint on the outside (particularly the brilliant teal blue cap) was more durable, thickly veneered or lacquered maybe. It will scuff easily so I recommend being very careful handling it. Do not let it fall and avoid placing it near rough surfaces or objects. Out of fear I used to wrap the thing in plastic wrap for fear of people touching it haha. What a treasure! If only I could order a replacement cap. Not sure where I've lost it around here :) Highly recommend for those at school, those who work desk jobs and for rainy days at the public library. The therapeutic colors and gentle character make for a calming and cozy friend.

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