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Official Gorjuss online shop. Browse our exclusive Gorjuss items below and choose from bags, purses, the famous Gorjuss dolls and many more with your favourite artworks. New arrivals now online!



Your artwork through the Gorjuss line has truly improved the world. You've made so many of us smile; and a smile is contagious; making the world a more positive place. Please continue making whatever you can with this "Gorjuss" positive line of products!

Thank you very much for the beautiful, so original(!) swing cards! Such a prompt delivery, too!..all the way to Australia! Bravo, Santoro!

Received my delivery today, everything was beautifully wrapped. I can't wait to show everything off!

Bought a bag from here last year, broke the strap, so got in touch and recieved the best customer service EVER! As the bag is no longer sold the lady who responded, Sarah, told me she'd see what she could do and a week later had managed, to my amazement, to have found me a replacement strap. Two days later, and the parcel arrived, containing TWO straps and a beautiful Gorjuss card to say she had sent me an extra incase I ever needed it! Already in love with this shop, owning six or seven items, but now there's no doubt I'll carry on buying from here! Absolutely in love

this is the best shop ever!!

Finally more 'I found my family in a book' products! :)

This is my favourite shop. Love the gorjuss brand it's so nice. Also the stuff lasts forever. Must buy from this shop.

The best in quality! I've purchased a purse each for two granddaughters, and I have to get 4 yr. old Annabelle one! I have NEVER seen workmanship like yours, here in the states!

I am in love with the Gorjuss range. Just wanted to say how excellent the customer service at this company is and how helpful they are. Thank you

Hello! I like Santoro London's products a lot, but I'm really in love with Gorjuss, this collection is simply adorable.^_^

amo gorjuss

Love the Santoro gorjuss range! Have a couple ornaments, bookmarks and a bag, would have it all if I could. Would love to see some Christmas decorations such as baubles and tree toppers made with the gorjuss designs, also bedding sets.

I just love the small mugs!! Can you please make them in the new designs??? Thank you!!


Please make a blanket of the run away please, a pencil box and lip balm!

Ps. I love all your stuff every thing looks amazing.


Santoro, you are the most amazing brand I can ever imagine, I have one of your slim accessory cases filled with the gel pens, highlighters and the multipen. And sooner or later, the set of three ballpens (I know, I'm crazed!)

I just wanted to ask you if you can make the following:

Pencil Tins of 'The Hatter' and 'Dear Apple'
Metal Pens of 'Dear Apple' and 'The Hatter'
Gadget Pouches of 'Dear Apple' and 'The Hatter'
Mugs of 'Dear Apple' and 'The Hatter'

Thanks Santoro you are the best

I love Gorjuss but really wish there was a red-headed girl with a penguin!!!! It has to happen!

your stuff is so cute/awesome i wonder how you guys come up with this stuff

I love Gorjuss so much. I love you Santoro! I would like to ask you to make the little pencil boxes of 'the fox'

Thanks Santoro you are the best xxxxx

I love the santoro gorjuss collection. Me my mam and grandma have lots of different things such as: bags, purses, mugs, glasses case ect. I along with many others would love to see some more phone cases for different phones. (such as Samsung galaxy s4 mini) haha hint hint


I Love gorjuss things ! It is usefull,but also full of poestry , the drawings are awesome and the universe too ! All the details make an amazing effect ! I am so happy gorjuss exist !

I live Gorjuss and Santoro very muchhhhhhhhh! ❤️

Hi! I´m from Spain and I love Gorjuss. It´s very beautiful.

I'm so in love with Gorjuss girls artcraft. I don't know the name of the gorjuss girl in a blue suit with an analogic clock in one hand, but she's my favourite. Could you please make flip cases for samsung galaxy S5, S3 and S3 mini?

Λατρεύω τα προϊόντα santoro είναιι τόσο μοναδικά❤️! Δείχνουν λες και είναι αριστοκρατικά! Είναι πολύ ωραίο!!!

Uwielbiam Gorjuss = I adore Gorjuss.

I love santoros collectables I love the diarys , cases and much much more she's just so adorable and love her my mum and sister have huge amount of her things and is there a bed set like bed covers of her????

I Absaloutley love the gorjuss collection! I really would like you to do the following: hard back case for the samsung galaxy s4 mini , duvets , more pyjamas and a dressing gowns. Thank you xx

Hi i am older, let's say over 50, lol, but i love Santoro. I just purchased a figurine carrying the watch one, sorry not near it to remember the name but it is adorable. Found it in a store in London Ontario. Looking forward to her getting more in. Do you know of any more stores that carry Santoro in London?

Love all of the gorjuss collection! Will there be any duvets coming out??

Me encantan los diseños de Gorjuss, pero por favor que fabriquen fundas de neopreno para teléfonos de 5,5 - 6 pulgadas!!!

I love the Gorjuss designs, but please, please, please, please, make neoprene sleeves for 5,5-6 inches phones!

I absolutely love gorjuss. Can you please create the following:

a case for the nokia lumia 520
duvet sets, suit cases, glasses
bedding sets
dressing gowns
laptop sleeves and bags for 17''
jewelry boxes
Ipod cases

and i'm sure I can think of many other things but that will do for now :)

quand allez-vous nous proposez des parapluies sur votre site ?

tutto e molto bello

i like gorgious very much i am fron greece! Greetings fron Greece!!

Είναι απίστευτο!!!

I love Gorjuss soooooo much! I would like more cross stich kits and more stuff based on ' the fox '. Santoro you are AWSOME!!!!!!!

Please do teapot and sugar bowl,what about duvet cover?
Love you

Please can you make more journals with bright color covers they are awesome & just so beautiful......

Gorjuss - U cannot say No.... Stunning!!
I want the entire collection never loved something so much
Guess what ladies..... For those of u that live in South Africa in Durban..... Go visit CARDIES - Gateway u will be dazzled....;-)
Gorjuss & more Gorjuss

More ' the fox ' pls and more watches.Gorjuss is my LIFE.

Please please pleasssse could you make more the runaway and also gorjuss bedding( thinking of decorating my room gorjuss ) i love her soooooo much!!!!

Hello. Could you post to South Africa please? Awesome products.

Would absolutely love it if they made a large bag with Mademoiselle Snow on! Pretty please? Love this site :)

I have tried everywhere to get puddles of love rubber stamp please bring it back

All things I've had so far are great! Luv all stuff. Plz could you make a cushion with lost for words, toadstools, dusk or we can all shine on? Would appreciate. I repeat: love all stuff!

Beautiful range with a touch of cuteness! In love with Mirabelle & Gorjuss ♥.·:*¨¨*:·.♥ Speedy International Shipping Too! Thank You!

I love everything Gorjuss. Would be just wonderful if you could make cot bedding for babies!! I would love a Gorjuss themed nursery.

I love gorjuss stuff so much. You really need to do phone cases for Samsung as well as i phones I'd probably buy one in every style.

my daughter loves this range she is currently cross stitching and is loving doing it. This is my fav website.

how could you not love this everyone at school says im obsessed and I am I Love it! I would love to see ipod 4th gen cases and bigger laptop cases because my laptop is to big for the cases your already sell! Who ever invented Santoro Gorjuss stuff is amazing! xxxxx

I loooove this range! :) Im so excited about the figurines I just cant decide which one to buy first!

My daughter fell in love with the schoolbag from last year. It´s sold out everywhere. We are desperatelly waiting for new models!

Need a Gorjuss suitcase and clothing in plus sizes x

I have so maaaaannnnyyyy things of gorjus i looooovvveee i amso crazy on it thankyou santaro

More Dusk please, especially get more iPhone cases in stock, also King Size bedding with Ruby - Dusk and Ruby forever! More More Dusk c'mon Santoro - you know we want them. Thanks

son una monada

Love everything gorjuss. Please,please, please will you make some more 15in laptop cases, especially Ruby. Please could you also make duvet covers.
Thank you so much .

Gorjuss bedding for Kingsize beds please. And cushion covers.

Please make the ladybugs into a bag or purse or noteboo k or anything! I call my elder daughter ladybird (nickname!) And I'd love to have something other than a greeting card that she can keep, also more products with the last rose or because she is my rose, my youngest is called tia-rose and again I'd love more things for her to keep, love all the gorjuss range just wish that all designs were available for all products,

It would be great to see a Gorjuss Dinner Set which would complement the placemats, coasters and mugs already on sale!

The best things ever after iPads
Love gorjuss stuff
If I had 1million pounds I would by everything that is gorjuss things

I want to get it all I love santoro

I absolutely LOVE all the simply gorjuss designs. I have so many and intend on getting more. It would be awesome if there was a simply gorjuss hoodie! I saw pyjamas and t-shirts but i'm hoping there will be hoodies available soon .. especially with the winter season coming up! It would be so awesome

I agree with squirrel's comment. Please make all your clothes available in adult sizes, especially the Ruby contrast sleeve top. Absolutely love Gorjuss products!

Please, please, please make the Ruby contrast sleeve top in an adult size. I love it so much.

Your products are simply "Gorjuss!!!"
Oh please, please make the Ladybird Card into a notebook or journal- I am waiting to purchase one please!!!!!!

I have got lots of Gorjuss items, I really like this art. I would love to see some ladies t-shirts/polo shirts please, thank you

Just bought a whole set of Gorjuss gifts for my daughter's 8th birthday from various places online - Phone sleeve, Shoulder bag & Wallet - I know she'll LOVE them.
I know I would have loved to have these had they existed when I was a child :)

Just brilliant. I love all items.

Gorjuss is just Gorjuss please ohh please could you make a clock it woild be Gorjuss on my bedside table please ohh please ohh please love Dollcie XXXXXXX

A5 diary page to view......please please please

i want it all!

Gorjuss : MAGNIFIQUE !!!

Everything on here is just beautiful! I wish i could win the lottery then i could spend it all on here......i just want everything on this website!

It's very very beatiful.
I live in spain ( zaragoza) and I love gorjuss is very pretty.

Ipad mini sleeve......pretty please! x

Gorjuss is so cute she hypnotizes everyone to like her please could you make more stuff with the foxes and lost for words on I love it all and gorguss is the best!!!!!

Ipad mini sleeve ! please ! I love Gorjuss!

Hi My Mum brought me a little foxes bag, and I'm hooked, there is a shop in our town which stocks some of the range, and I have been collecting Little foxes. I asked for glasses cases, please could you do a Little foxes one. I am starting to collect others for Xmas gifts, and My grandaughters name is Ruby, so that will be the next collection. Love them all.

Guys - who doesn't like gorjuss? I have collected about 15 items of the merchandise so far and am hoping for the phone case for my birthday. My favourite designs are..... The Little Foxes, The Collector, I love you little rabbit and New Heights!

High quality printed scoop neck shirts please!!! Pretty pleeease! Motive: I love you litte rabbit + The Runaway + Puddles of Love

iPad-mini sleeves would be great!!!

yes, ragdolls please....

I want a gorjuss rag doll, they are so cute x

i love all the stuff i think its the best, but please can we have rag dolls, love from Kent x

I want rag dolls sooo bad and tops !!!

i wish that the prices will go down as the staff are so nice!! i both all the pens and bages i both the bag and now i'm saving for i dont know for everything !!!!

Very beautiful design!

I always get my friends Gorjuss and they always love them as much as I do!

I bought Ruby bag for my sister who lives in Poland and she said that was the best Christmas present!!! She begs for more gorjuss presents :)

Come on santoro how long before we get a rag doll you know we all want one

cannot wait to get my birthday money, I will definitely be getting a gorjuss bag !!!! i

The minute I saw the gorguss stuff I totally fell in love with it I have a wash bag,a diary, a shopper bag,nail files,pens,a adress book and a organiser. I'm saving up 2 buy some more because I am only 10. I would definatly recomend this as a ten year olds present or adults =) .

I have been given my first gor juss mug and coaster as a Christmas present. It is absolutely lovely. Thank you for your talent and work. I'll be wanting more....... I've put this 'site on my "favourites". Im drinking out of the mug right now xxxxxxx

Please please please make ragdolls!!!!!!!!!

To cute

Please please make some rag dolls of these series!


I have a ruby bag which I love, but I would love the range to include a rusack version like the foxes one but that could be carried on the back, I am a disabled person and therefore it would be easier for me to carry so I would love one to be designed for the range.